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Your Tax Return Is Due 31st October

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Did you know that your tax return is due to be lodged by 31 October 2017 unless you are intending to use a registered tax agent?
Come and see us at C & H Accounting Group.
Getting more on your tax return is pretty much the easiest way to ‘make’ more money every year.
We are registered tax agents and are conveniently located in Hazel Glen Drive, Laurimar.
If you register with us before 31 October you can defer the date you need to lodge your return and we can assist you to claim all the tax you’re entitled to.

If you are operating a small business we can not only assist with maximizing your deductions but also with making sure you are using the most tax effective structure.
A lot of people aren’t – and that may be costing more in tax.
and that’s not all for small business…..
At C & H we know how easy it is to get caught up in record keeping and BAS preparation. This is costing you valuable time that you could be devoting to developing your business. We offer assistance with bookkeeping and accounting services for your small business which gets you back to what you do best ….operating your business!!!!
Just think:
How would you spend an extra few hundred dollars?
Call us today – and see how much tax YOU can get back!
Simply call us on 8724 0107, or email us at,
or visit us at: Level 1, 100 Hazel Glen Drive, Laurimar Town Centre, Doreen

Hope to hear from you soon!
P.S. We offer after hours appointments – so you can come see us after you finish work.