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Change to Superannuation Fund audit requirements

Dear Trustees,


As you are aware, the ATO requires all Self Managed Superannuation Funds to be audited each year. Due to recently introduced legislation, C & H Accounting Group are no longer able to audit your fund. From 1 July, 2021 we must have an external Auditor sign off on your fund’s audit.

We have engaged a number of Melbourne based specialists that we will be using. You will still receive one pack of documents requiring signatures and we will take care of most issues directly with the Auditor should any arise. However, we anticipate the total cost for finalising your year end superannuation statements to increase.

Please be aware that the Auditor will issue their own separate invoice to the trustee for their services. Prices will begin from $440.

If you have any queries please, contact our office.

Yours faithfully,
C & H Accounting Group